CEO Message

Welcome to our Hompage. This is CEO Hyunkab Shin of LASTECH

Lastech is an engineering company that provides services for the installation of various equipment and devices in the shipbuilding and offshore fields, including ballast water management system that safely treat ballast water, which is the main cause of the destruction of marine ecosystems. Providing the best professional manpower and smart system that can perform all stages of work such as design, construction, supervision, commissioning, A/S, unit assembly and quality inspection for various equipment installation.

Furthermore, we provide the best A/S technology and services suitable for the site through the rich experience of new ships and repair ships in the Ballast Water Management System and other shipbuilding/offshore equipment and system-related maintenance services. And, based on continuous R&D technology development and service improvement, we will further develop by strengthening our competitiveness.

In order to achieve this vision, our executives and employees share the management philosophy of “We always work happily for our customers and actively contribute to the creation of new values for our customers by constantly developing the latest technologies.” We are faithfully practicing our core values of “customer-satisfaction, expertise, teamwork, passion, honesty and humility”.

We once again thank you for your support and encouragement to our company today, and we promise to become a professional engineering company that meets the expectations and trust of our customers.

Thank you.

LASTECH CEO Hyunkab Shin